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Glass & Aluminium custom-made sliding doors.

The Wispeco 1000 series Euro slider is a custom-made sliding door/window system with a built-in security closing action. The sliding sashes cannot be lifted out nor do they slide off the track. This is due to an interlock system and Euro style locking device, therefore doubling up as a security door at the same time. The 1000 series slider is recommended for both domestic and industrial applications as they can accommodate heights exceeding 2,1m. The sliding gear is made of double action heavy duty industrial Teflon. This system is the only sliding system on the market that allows for all the panels to slide in both directions, irrespective of the number of panels used. The sashes too can accommodate double glazed glass as well as built-in sidelights. These sliding doors are glazed with 6,4mm laminated safety glass instead of the standard 4mm toughened glass. In the event of the glass being damaged the glass will only crack whereas the toughened glass breaks into millions of pieces resulting in an opening.